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Downfall 2004 Testimonials

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Downfall 2004 Comments


Storyline Downfall,

In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with the Russian Army closing in from the east and the Allied Expeditionary Force attacking from the west. In Berlin, capital of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler proclaims that Germany will still achieve victory and orders his generals and advisers to fight to the last man. When the end finally does come, and Hitler lies dead by his own hand, what is left of his military must find a way to end the killing that is the Battle of Berlin, and lay down their arms in surrender.

April 1945, a nation awaits its...Downfall


Video points : Downfall

Launch : 2004-09-16

Type : Drama, History, War

Runtime : 156

Firm : Constantin Film Produktion, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)

Downfall Cast

Bruno Ganz Bruno GanzasAdolf Hitler
Alexandra Maria Lara Alexandra Maria LaraasTraudl Junge
Corinna Harfouch Corinna HarfouchasMagda Goebbels
Ulrich Matthes Ulrich MatthesasJoseph Goebbels
Juliane Köhler Juliane KöhlerasEva Braun
Heino Ferch Heino FerchasAlbert Speer
Christian Berkel Christian BerkelasProf. Dr. Ernst-Günter Schenck
Thomas Kretschmann Thomas KretschmannasSS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein
Ulrich Noethen Ulrich NoethenasReichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler
Birgit Minichmayr Birgit MinichmayrasGerda Christian
Rolf Kanies Rolf KaniesasGeneral der Infanterie Hans Krebs
Justus von Dohnányi Justus von DohnányiasGeneral der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf
Michael Mendl Michael MendlasGeneral der Artillerie Helmuth Weidling
André Hennicke André HennickeasSS-Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke
Christian Redl Christian RedlasGeneraloberst Alfred Jodl
Götz Otto Götz OttoasSS-Hauptsturmführer Otto Günsche
Thomas LimpinselasKammerdiener Heinz Linge
Thomas Thieme Thomas ThiemeasMartin Bormann
Donevan GuniaasPeter Kranz
Matthias Habich Matthias HabichasProf. Dr. Werner Haase
Alexander Held Alexander HeldasWalter Hewel

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Film Reviews Downfall Film Recommendations - 2004
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