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Talk About The Goat Horn Movie Recommendations - 1972 ( ® Talk About The Goat Horn Movie Recommendations - 1972

The Goat Horn 1972 Opinions

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The Goat Horn 1972 Overview

The Goat Horn

Article The Goat Horn,

The epic wartime story Kozijat Rog was the most-watched film ever shown in Bulgaria. Three million out of its eight million population saw it in 1972, when it was released. It tells the story of peasant resistance to the oppressive rule of the Ottoman Turks in the 17th century. The story concerns a goatherder and his family. Early on, the goatherder takes his flocks into the hills. On his returns, he discovers that his wife has been raped and killed by Turks while his young daughter watched. He burns their house and takes his daughter to a shack in the hills. As she grows up, he trains her like a man and imparts her with the secrets of fighting with a staff. Once trained, they begin a systematic quest for vengeance.

The Goat Horn

Movie details : The Goat Horn

Launch : 1972-10-04

Variety : Drama

Runtime : 100

Firm :

The Goat Horn Cast

Katya PaskalevaasMaria
Anton GorchevasKaraivan
Todor KolevasDeli
Stefan MavrodiyevasMustafa
Nevena AndonovaasMaria (young)
Kliment DenchevasTurk
Milen Penevasshepherd
Marin Yanevasrapist

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Various Critiques

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Talk About The Goat Horn Movie Recommendations - 1972
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