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Recommendations The Counterfeit Coin Film Recommendations - 1955 ( ® Recommendations The Counterfeit Coin Film Recommendations - 1955

The Counterfeit Coin 1955 Free Review

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The Counterfeit Coin 1955 Cast

The Counterfeit Coin

Narrative The Counterfeit Coin,

Four stories, humorous, romantic or dramatic, are linked by a counterfeit gold sovereign. It is made by the honest engraver in the first story, seduced by the charms of a young widow, and it subsequently passes into the hands of a beggar and a prostitute, a wealthy miser and a newly married couple where the husband is a poor artist.

Dvd information : The Counterfeit Coin

Release : 1955-01-24

Genre : Action

Runtime : 127

Enterprise :

The Counterfeit Coin Cast

Βασίλης Λογοθετίδης Βασίλης ΛογοθετίδηςasAnargyros Loumbardopoulos
Ilia LivykouasFifi
Μίμης Φωτόπουλος Μίμης ΦωτόπουλοςasBeggar
Sperantza VranaasMaria
Orestis MakrisasVasilis Mavridis
Ellie LambetiasAliki
Dimitris HornasPavlos
Dimitris MyratasNarrator
Lavrentis DianellosasAnastasis
Nikos FermasasStore Keeper

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Recommendations The Counterfeit Coin Film Recommendations - 1955
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